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What do you do with your timeshare? That can be an emotional topic for some people and others might love their timeshare. But did you know that people whose timeshare experience has not been a good one, they CAN get rid of their timeshare contract!

Yes, for many years, you have heard --- once you buy a timeshare, you are stuck with it... you can't sell it... and so on.


The following are the options one can do with a timeshare contract:

1) USE IT. Vacations are not a bad thing. Paying for a family vacation can be a good thing. Think about it! You already own the timeshare, use it.Timeshare Contract

2) Okay, so money is tight and your new budget doesn't allow for you to go on a great vacation. The timeshare is NOW a debt to you and is no longer a good thing. If that is your situation there are two ways out of your timeshare contract: a) if you still owe money on your timeshare, JUST CANCEL IT, or b) if its paid for, you can GIVE BACK your timeshare.


NOTE: Incase you have not heard or don't believe either one of those 2 above options, please find someone to help you understand those 2 options.

3) You can sell it or rent it. Renting is easier if your timeshare resort is in a good place, a nice resort. Selling the 'best timeshare resort' is harder, but not impossible. However, timeshare resales generally happen for 20-40% of the retail value. If you think your timeshare is worth more than 40% of what you paid for it... good luck. A website called Timeshare Worth, has an instant, free report on timeshare values. Take a look at what their report says your timeshare is worth.

4) There is a special list of timeshare resorts that have "real value", meaning that certain timeshare brands/ resorts/ locations have great demand for those properties and a buyer can be found easily and often. The list is not long, nor the buying price very high, however it does offer a quick and simple way to sell your timeshare.

Now each of these options have there pros/cons, but they ALL DO offer you a solution. Not everyone knows of all these options, so don't let anyone tell you are stuck in your timeshare. You may not like all the advantages or disadvantages of each option, but they will solve your timeshare problem. As a first step, do you know how much your timeshare cost you?

Please try to remember, the timeshare contract is not the problem (as many people love them), your situation and how you deal with it is the problem.



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