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You have consumer rights that allow you to cancel your timeshare contract if fraud was committed when you purchased the timeshare. Few people know of how common timeshare fraud but there are services that help owners who are victims of timeshare fraud. Here is one service, which you can read more information on the details of cancelling a timeshare

If you own a timeshare and you think timeshare resort or sales staff misrepresented, mislead, coerced or you know they just flat out lied, you are probably right. The process of to cancel a timeshare goes along these lines:

  • The initial phone discussion is about your timeshare situation and confirmation and/or getting the criteria that makes sure fraud did happen.
  • Once you are confirmed that the service will work, you pay the fee to get the process started.
  • The timeshare cancellation process generally takes 6 months, but can range longer/shorted depending on the resort and other factors like cooperation and effort by the resort
  • You the owner will need to fill out paper work and tell your story, situation.
  • At this point, the service will guide you and work through a list of steps to get the timeshare resort to cancel the contract.

Again, if you ask WHY would a resort cancel when I signed the contract? The answer is simple. The timeshare knows they did something wrong and if they are threatened by you, they will cancel your contract. They can't afford to get a class action suite against them, because everyone knows they will lose.



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